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Why You Should Ditch Dairy Yesterday

I used to love dairy and actually be crazy for it the first 25 years of my life. Cheese, yogurt, curd, a glass of milk, and all the lovely products where you would least expect milk to occur in, in the shape of milk powder. I was never really indoctrinated by the belief that milk is good for your bones or health - fortunately. But the normalization of consuming cow's milk in the Western world is so rigid that unless confronted by an annoying vegan, you most likely won't dive into the dark realms of the reality behind udder juice - let alone the devastating diseases milk might fuel.

Even after rooming with a very educated and polite vegan from Australia for half a year, I had not fully been convinced yet - albeit having been subjected to his stories on health risks. I was still oblivious and ignorant as are many that are picking up bits of information here and there.

Only after randomly watching a video of cows' horrible mistreatment at some farm, plus another video that displayed the emotional hell of seperating a calf from its mother it hit me hard and I made the shift in a heartbeat.

I can't change the moral perspectives of people but I sure love to drive my life and my thoughts as free of hypocrisy as possible. And I welcome anyone to join me - be they vegan or not. Most people want to live without acknoledging their malicious behavior. And to me, paying a company to do the nasty stuff is as malicious as doing the nasty stuff yourself.

I hadn't known before, but cows get raped by humans ("artificial insemination") to then have their newborn kidnapped ("seperated") and either slaughtered for veal or fed with hormones to become a dairy cow as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is really nothing peaceful about having a cup of milk or about an icecream cone.

Hence, I didn't hesitate a second in turning my back on udder juice.

Now, as for people who think that milk is important, who think it's normal, who think vegans are weird:

Why don't you drink cats', dogs', elephants' milk?

Why don't you put your mouth directly on the udder?

Why do you think it's normal to drink cow's milk?

What would happen if you didn't consume dairy for one month?

Why are there no animals drinking milk from different species?

Why do you consume dairy knowing of the insanely violent industry?

Why do you lie to yourself?

All these questions came up to myself, for I myself had been inactively brainwashed by societal norms to believe milk is good, healthy and irreplaceable.

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