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A Pair of Reasons to Avoid Leather

I grew up thinking that leather is an easily sourcable byproduct just as wool and I could not have been more wrong. Cows, dogs and snakes don't just shake off their skin in a heartbeat but undergo torture that is no less evil than within the fur industry. Often times, they have their feet chopped off being alive, just to endure the next step as they are skinned. And can you ensure that at this stage they are stunned unconsciously? Because I can't and hence I decide to avoid leather as much as I can.

The simplest way is too avoid buying shoes, accessories and jewelry where the use of leather is very apparent. I don't know how many pair of leather shoes I have possessed throughout my life - but easily over 70. A few years back I was in Cologne browsing for non-leather shoes in the city center and it turned out quite tough to find a pair. People love leather and sport it in a fashion that makes you believe there is no harm involved. And once people hear about vegan alternatives, they tend to become omniscient. Vegan alternatives supposedly last less, destroy the environment more and are not as sustainable. If you purchase a plastic pair of shoes for a few Euros, this might be the case.

But generalizing and falsely downgrading the quality of vegan shoes is negligent. There is an increasing amount of companies that offer a variety of beautiful, handcrafted and durable shoes across Europe - most times even fairly traded. With reasonable prices not more costly than a "good" pair of leather shoes, it is no longer impossible to step back from sinking your feet into cruelty-ridden bloody fashion.

One company that invests into driving forward ethical shoes is located in Berlin. Not only do they use sustainably sourced material with no cruelty involved in the making, but they also produce within Europe hence avoiding unnecessary far importing routes from South-East Asia.

If you are keen on saving some cows and dogs, I recommend to have a glance at their website.

My pair:

Pictures taken by Julian Alm (@jln.alm)

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