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Vegan Sushi Without Depleting Our Oceans

Preparation time: 12 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Est. price: 1 Euro (Germany)


3 Nori leaves

150g rice

1 carrot

quarter a cucumber

quarter a bell pepper

150ml sugar-free soy yogurt

1 beet




olive oil

soy sauce

Cook the rice, it may be "regular" rice, does not have to be labelled specifically for Sushi purposes. Have it cool down first so it gets stickier and - well - cool.

Cut vegetables of your choice into thin sticks. In a bowl, prepare soy yogurt with dill, balsamico, olive oil. Spread a thin layer of rice across about 1/3 of the Nori leaf.

Top it with the dip and vegetables. You can make it more colorful by dying parts of your dip with cooked beet that you will blend into the dip.

Carefully roll the leaf for which no tool other than your hands is required. Add a few drops of water to your hand so the leaf will stick together.

Make sure your knife is razor-sharp as to avoid ruining your roll. Cut the roll very carefully without force. If you like, you can roll the parts in spices e.g. dill, tandoori, sumac or garlic powder.

Now, sink the delicious rolls into the soy sauce without having to fear participating in clearing the oceans!

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