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The First Vegan Hospital!

Aktualisiert: 27. Jan. 2021

Thankfully, I have never had to wake up in a hospital so far. Whenever I visit someone at any hospital, it is with utter disgust that I watch the food served - be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Not only is of poor quality, but the default choice always is an animal secretion of some sort plus some body parts of another animal.

You would think hospitals are designed to fuel people's health and get them ready for a joyful future. This, however, is a blunt myth that applies to fantasy hospitals in children's books and best case scenario to recent medical school graduates.

The vast majority of today's hospitals in the civilized world are nothing else but businesses - accounting for public institutions just as much as for private clinics, obviously.

I am happy that a great, if not the greatest, example of a private clinic lies in the hands of an amazing friend of mine. During my visits in Lebanon, where said clinic is located, I have gathered material and edited a short documenation on this very hospital and my Lebanese friends.

If you ever happen to require a hospital in Beirut, you should consider looking this hospital up. Or if not, then just watch my video.

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